2018 Performers

Mike and Sue Balysh
» Love In Stage - The Beatles, The Hollies, The Who and The Mamas & Papas
Hailing from Port Sanilac, Mike plays at any acoustic venue: weddings, restaurants, Farmers Market's, Music in the Park, open mic's, churches and all occasions. Mike's wife Sue will joining him on vocals.

Dean Barnett 
» The Happening Stage - "Bookends" the songs of Simon and Garfunkel
» Alice's Restaurant Stage - Van Morrison, Bob Dylan & more with Jim Williams
» The Happening Stage - "Circle of Friends" the songs of Peter, Paul & Mary
Dean is a polished singer with a warm voice and lyrical fingerstyle on the 6 & 12 string guitar, delivering his songs with emotion. Dean is a virtual jukebox of songs with meaning and great words. His influences include James Taylor, James Keelaghan, Paul Simon. His performances also include many songs by Michigan performers. 

Dean Barnett

Blood Harmony
» Alice's Restaurant Stage - Johnny Cash
» Alice's Restaurant Stage - Jedidiah with Lynn Surbrook doing "Bad Boys of the 60's"
» Love In Stage - Eden, Hosanna and Evangeline playing traditional songs
Deckerville's sweet harmonizing Willis Family. Jedidiah Willis and his daughters Eden, Hosanna and Evangeline will demonstrate how sweet four voices can be.

Blood Harmony

Bobby Budd 
» The Happening Stage - Emcee
» Love In Stage - Utah Phillips
Folksy singer and teller of tales, Bobby Budd has brightened many stages and gatherings. He will pay tribute to his hero Utah Phillips with a "Love In" and act as MC in the afternoon at the "Happening" stage.

Bobby Budd

» The Happening Stage - Simon & Garfunkel
Tom Schlichting and Dean Barnett make up this Simon and Garfunkel tribute duo with superb harmonies and excellent guitar work.


» The Happening Stage - Pop, Doo-wop and Soul
A Gallimaufry Of Titillating Tunes To Tickles One's Musicology Senses. Four guys and a bunch of tunes who play with a fun loving spirit.
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Circle of Friends
» The Happening Stage - Peter, Paul & Mary
Gordon MacDonald, Mary Foley & Dean Barnett make up this fine trio performing Peter, Paul & Mary, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Nancy Griffith and others. For "Singin' the 60's" they will be doing a set of Peter, Paul & Mary under the tent at "The Happening" stage.

Circle of Friends

» The Happening Stage - 60's Rock & Roll
Originally formed in Port Huron in 1964. This groups members have had the opportunity to meet and share the stage with many Rock & Roll Legends. Their 5 part Harmony and musical choices are welcomed at many concerts in the park and other events they perform at around the Thumb area. Sit back and enjoy a musical trip through history.


Mary Foley
» The Happening Stage - "Circle of Friends" the songs of Peter, Paul & Mary
» Alice's Restaurant Stage - Joni Mitchell, Judy Collins, Buffy Sainte Marie and Sylvia Tyson
Inspiring audiences for many years, Mary delivers deep-impact vocals accompanied on a 6 or 12-string guitar. Her current endeavors include the Peter, Paul & Mary-centered band "Circle of Friends". Mary will be doing a love-in of Joni Mitchell, Judy Collins, Buffy Saint Marie and Sylvia Tyson. She will also be performing with "Circle of Friends".

4 Past 5
»  Alice's Restaurant Stage - The Rolling Stones
4 Past 5 has appeared in different iterations over the past few years and for 2018 they are a collaboration between David Blaine, Walt Schlichting and Scott Cameron. The group leans toward Folk, Country, and a bit of Rock, but will never turn a good tune down! For "Singin' the 60's they are doing an electrified set of Rolling Stones songs.

4 Past 5

Emma Guzman
» Alice's Restaurant Stage - Skeeter Davis
» Love In Stage - Joan Baez
Singer-songwriter Emma Guzman, known cat enthusiast, rumored star child and compelled by unknown forces, has always felt the need to express herself through music. Choosing to spend her time humming melodies and frantically scribbling lyrics in various notebooks and on random scraps of paper, she has quietly amassed a substantial collection of songs. Described by the Detroit Metro Times as a "song writing prodigy" and one of their top 15 artists to watch in 2016, Emma continues to dedicate herself to writing music. Her second album "Roots" was released on Backburner Records May 13th 2017.
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The Humbuckers
» Alice's Restaurant Stage - The Beatles and John Denver
The Humbuckers today are Walt and Tom Schlichting of the band "Ourselves" with Marty Malek on guitar. When these three perform with various extra players it's the "Humbuckers Acoustic Pickup Band". Their set in the church building features Marty's favorite Beatles songs, with a touch of early John Denver and a taste of folk as time allows.

The Humbuckers

Lynn & Jed
» Alice's Restaurant Stage - Bad Boys of the 60's
Lynn Surbrook, of local bands "Black River Bluegrass Boys" and "Ourselves" teams up with Jed Willis of "Blood Harmony" to cover songs fom such artists as Creedence Clearwater, Led Zeppelin, Arlo Guthrie and The Animals.

Lynn Surbrook

» Love In Stage - The Everly Brothers
» Sit In Stage - Country/Pop Jam
» Alice's Restaurant Stage - Ricky Nelson
Phil Larson and Dale George took the name of the highway that hugs the Thumb all around the lake shore. M-25 plays a "Singin' the 60's love-in" of the famous two-man harmony of the Everly Brothers and the songs of Ricky Nelson on the "Alice's Restaurant" stage.

Rick Novak
» Sit In Stage - Folkstock Jam
» Alices Restaurant Stage - A 60's Song Clip Potpourri
Rick started wowing contemporaries with his guitar licks and lively vocals in high school in the 60's. His memory for songs is encyclopedic, his delivery inspires players to learn songs and audiences to join in. Rick will be doing a potpourri of song clips from the 60's to take you down memory lane at the "Alice's Restaurant" Stage and a Folk jam at the "Sit In" stage.

Rick Novak

Poor Player
» Happening Stage - Leonard Cohen, The Byrds, Sam Cooke, Ian & Sylvia and more
Motor City folk rock Americana, Poor Player is a six piece band that hits the stage with a hopped up grab bag of American riddles and laments. Saluting the guy flying a sign beside the highway exit, zigzagging through the post-industrial prairie, Poor Player is all about finding the roots beneath the rubble, the green beneath the ruin, the country blues in the pothole concrete, and the beauty in the city gone to seed. Poor Player features Matt Fredericks on vocals & guitar, Marija Tranetovic on Vocals, Fred Vitale on keyboards & accordion, Mark Biermann on bass and Stu Tucker on drums.

Poor Player

Still Running - "", "60's Women of Power", "Beatles Jam"
» Alice's Restaurant Stage - "60's Women of Power" featuring: Carole King, Grace Slick & more
» Happening Stage - Bob Dylan & The Band
» Sit In Stage - Beatles Jam
Drawing on influences such as Richard Thompson, Neil Young, and the Beatles, the exciting duo of Mike Mercatante and Jenna Reed have been wowing audiences with their high energy thought-provoking songs, harmonies, and fun stage show for over 12 years. Their cd release is entitled "One".

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Mike Tremblay
» Love In Stage - Neil Young
Mike is a singer/songwriter who has performed around the Thumb area for the last 20 years. Strongly influenced by songwriters of the 1960's and 70's, Mike will be performing the songs of one of his influences and the first person he covered when starting out, Neil Young.

Jim Williams

Jim Williams
» Alice's Restaurant Stage - Van Morrison, Bob Dylan & more with Dean Barnett
» Love In Stage - "A Folk Rock Cocktail" featuring a variety of 60's folk rock
» Sit In Stage - Bealtles Jam
This versatile member of Port Huron-area groups Ruby Hill and Lost Cuzzins will join up with Cuzzins bandmate Dean Barnett for an Alice's Restaurant set of Van Morrison, Dylan, Buddy Holly and Beatles songs. Jim will also perform a tasty concoction of solo 60's folk and rock songs for his schoolhouse love-in. 

Jim Williams