2021 Performers

Alter Of Stone
» “Sixties Jukebox Set"
Is a versatile and groovey band covering a wide variety of music through the decades of classic rock. Founding members, John and Melanie Hagerman enjoy bringing friends in to join them in various shows. Alter Of Stone and Friends (Chuck Safilian) will be a cool addition to Singing The 60's.

Bob Gentner

» "Woodie Guthrie"
Banjo-Jim Foerch picked up his first banjo in 1965 and hasn’t put it down since. As a founding member of the regional touring band Blue Water Ramblers, Banjo-Jim has been pickin’ and singin’ all over the Midwest professionally since 1973. He says writing and singing songs of Michigan, America and our lives to all the people we meet on tour is the best thing he’s ever done. “Everyone I ever met around the Midwest is proud of our home state and our country. Our songs express that pride the best way we know how- by getting us all singing together!” When he isn’t picking he teaches astronomy at the Chaffee Planetarium in Grand Rapids and at the Veen Observatory in Lowell TWP. Ask for a sky tour on clear nights.


Bob Gentner
»  "Jimmy Buffet"
He started playing in high school and never quit. He hosted and played at open mics and
played regularly at a Knights of Columbus for 15 years. His music includes some oldies, country, He is a lifelong Parrothead and also plays british invasion type music. He currently plays with friends at the home owners association park every other Wednesday. He plays coffee shops and farmers markets and just loves being on stage.

Bob Gentner

Brandon Miotke 
» "Dylan and More..."
Brandon is a Lexington singer-songwriter guitarist who can be heard playing around the Blue Water area. For Singin' the 60's Brandon will cover Jimi Hendrix Star Spangled Banner and Country Joe's Vietnam song.

Bob Gentner

Carl Henry
» "Johnny Cash"
Singer/Songwriter Carl Henry has been a Detroit music scene "favorite secret" for the past twenty plus years. He’s had the pleasure to meet and perform with many of the greats in Blues music. His earthy, sometimes gritty vocals come from the heart and a soul that has experienced lifetimes of angst and pleasure. Carl started performing in the early 1980’s, playing blues in local Detroit clubs.

Carl Henry

» "60s Vocal Groups and Motown"
Denny Dwyer (guitar & vocals), formerly from Port Huron and member of "Double Play", currently residing in Dunedin, FL, soon to release his 3rd solo CD. Dennis Hanselman (percussion & vocals), formerly from Port Huron & member of "Double Play", currently lives in Port Sanilac, freelancing percussion and vocalist. Barry Schigelone (bass & vocals), from Northville, MI & 'weekends' in Port Sanilac, studio session player & freelancing bass & vocals
"DHS" has performed periodically in the Blue Water Area since 2019 – We Love to play "Anything that Rocks with Multi-Harmonies".


Denny Dwyer & Friends
» “Neil Diamond & Glen Campbell”
Denny Dwyer has rocked the Blue Water area for decades as part of the group Double Play and with solo gigs such as the popular "Free Bacon Fridays" at Lexington Brewery.

Denny Dwyer

Dave Vigna
» “Kenny Rogers and The Eagles
Dave grew up in the 60’s and played in a rock band for Friday night dances at his high school. He rarely played after that, until he got a call from the high school a few years ago, asking him to put the band back together to play a set at a weekend “going away” party, as the school was being closed down. They practiced (in a garage!!) for 3 months, then played the set on the same stage we’d played on those Friday nights all those decades ago. It was a blast and He’s been playing ever since.

Douglas Boldt
» "CCR & The Band"
Douglas "Ben" Boldt has been preforming country, folk, and rock cover tunes since the mid eighties as a single acoustic act "BenJammin". Ben grew up in south of Forestville and can be seen at local venues during the summer months and as part of the music scene of Mobile Alabama in the winter.

Blood Harmony

» "Merle Haggard"
DRWM is Dale (George), Randy (Louks), Walt (Schlichting) and Monica (Cronin)
We like old country and early rock-pop. Thus we are playing Merle Haggard at Singin the Sixties.

D's R & B (Dave, Roger & Brad)
» "Garage Band Favorites Unplugger"
During the 1950s, first cousins Dave Stieler, Roger Jones, and Brad Goodwin began their musical careers surrounded by a large family of singers and a wide range of extremely talented musicians. Childhood memories are filled with reunions spent singing songs and playing music around campfires together with cousins, aunts, and uncles joining in. Their individual talents matured during the 60’s when the teenage garage band phenomena hit the scene and took each of them down separate paths through a maze of musical experiences too numerous to mention.

Blood Harmony

» "1967"
Originally formed in Port Huron in 1964. This groups members have had the opportunity to meet and share the stage with many Rock & Roll Legends. Their 5 part Harmony and musical choices are welcomed at many concerts in the park and other events they perform at around the Thumb area. Sit back and enjoy a musical trip through history.

Mitch Washer

Emma Guzman
» "Towns Van Zandt"
Emma Guzman is a songwriter and guitarist that blends clever lyrics and haunting melodies with a fresh and original sound. In 2016 she turned 14, despite her young age, she is far from new to the music scene. She knows what music lovers enjoy listening to and just how to make the heartfelt songs she creates sound to her liking, thanks to the guidance she has received while working alongside some well-known local and national musicians

Emma Guzman

Forest Parker & Scott Cameron
» "Hank Williams"
Scott Cameron is a Sanilac County resident and multi-instrument musician who graduated from Berklee School of Music in Boston after finishing high school in Port Huron. Forest Parker has been playing guitar, bass and harmonica for about ten years and recently started playing solo gigs featuring Americana music. When asked where he lives he said it was somewhere close to Forester Park. Scott and Forest have been playing together for almost ten years.

The Humbuckers
» "The Monkees"
The Humbuckers today are Walt and Tom Schlichting of the band "Ourselves" with Marty Malek on guitar. When these three perform with various extra players it's the "Humbuckers Acoustic Pickup Band". 

The Humbuckers

Larry Kulik,Rick Sears, w/Barry Shigelone
» "British Invasion"
The acoustic duo of Larry Kulik and Rick Sears have performed together and with other music projects since the early 70's. Larry plays guitar and mandolin. Rick plays guitar, accordion and keyboards. They have performed at venues across SE Michigan and Ontario. Shingelone is a professional musician summering in the Thumb who is sitting in on bass with two groups at Singin' the 60’s and we hope to hear him on some jams too.

John Johnson
» “Songs of Woodstock”
John Johnston always brings a smile to our faces with his song choices and fun ukulele and guitar playing.  John's been known to throw a kazoo into the mix just for laughs.

Mike Tremblay
» "John Prine"
Mike is a singer/songwriter who has performed around the Thumb area for the last 20 years. Strongly influenced by songwriters of the 1960's and 70's, Mike will be performing the songs of one of his favorite song writers, John Prine.
Mike has just released his third CD called "The World Is Temporarily Closed featuring songs written from April to December, 2020 during the pandemic.

Mike Tremblay

Mitch Washer
» "Vince Gill & The Eagles"
Mitch Washer is a Singer/Songwriter from Leonard, Michigan. Mitch is a versatile performer bringing crisp, strong vocals and a solid combo of fingerpicking, lead and rhythm offerings to the audiences he serves. He is an excellent solo performer, but loves to mix it up with duo and band mates producing a great mix of instruments and vocal harmonies as well. Mitch has performed in numerous venues around the country, and is currently working on his 2nd album.

Mitch Washer

Phil Larson
» "Willie Nelson"
Phil is a frequent performer at nursing homes and assisted living homes. He also hosts a song circle the first Saturday of each month at Westminster Presbyterian in Port Huron.

Punch Drunk
» “Sha Na Na & Ukulele Jam”
Punch Drunk is a band with spunk. This ukulele band plays a wide range of musical styles. Hailing from L.A. (the Lansing Area), you can catch Punch Drunk playing at various ukulele clubs and festivals around Michigan. From Tin Pan Alley to 80's Pop to Folk and beyond.

Mitch Washer

Steve Washburn
» “The Beatles”
Steve Washburn has been playing self-taught acoustic guitar and performing for family & friends for over 40 years. He likes to entertain audiences with sounds from the legends of country, pop, and rock.
His performances include hit cover songs from favorites like Johnny Cash, Neil Diamond, John Denver, Billy Joel, the Beatles and many more – over 40 different artists. Now he brings that accumulated, Juke-Box style to venues hosting "Live Acoustic Music".
Steve will perform solo or with accompaniment - check him out on FaceBook!

Steve Washburn

Still Running
» "Beatles Songs of Peace & Love"
Drawing on influences such as Richard Thompson, Neil Young, and the Beatles, the exciting duo of Mike Mercatante and Jenna Reed have been wowing audiences with their high energy thought-provoking songs, harmonies, and fun stage show for over 12 years. Their cd release is entitled "One".

Still Running on MySpace

Travis Siegfried
» "Drum Circle"
Hosting the Drum Circle from 1-6pm. Folks should feel free to bring a drum or percussion instrument, and some drums will also be available to use.